Fire Safety

We protect our clients’ heritage and future with passive and active fire protection systems. 
We provide fire protection systems fit for the 21st century. Update old, non-compliant buildings with solutions you can manage remotely. With Smart Watch, you can audit faults and false alarms without costly site visits.
All fire systems are inspected by our specialist teams according to BM Trada standards
Why Choose Us?
  • Passive & Active solutions: We have fire safety systems designed to slow the spread of fire and prepare your residents for action.
  • Fire doors: Designed to contain fire and increase time for rescue and evacuation, fire doors can provide vital protection for building residents.
  • Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) Corrective Actions: We work collaboratively with you to ensure your building is fully compliant.
  • Emergency Lighting & Safety Signage: We provide cost-effective, smart solutions to ensure 24/7 exit route visibility and compliance.
  • Smart Watch: An innovative, reliable fire alarm that saves property owners time and money through remote management.

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